Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daylight Savings is Evil

OK, that's an exaggeration but if you are a parent to children under five - you know what I'm talking about.
It's very nice to have the lighter nights I agree. However, this year they did it so early we have simply traded for dark mornings.
My six year old has grumpily greeted me every morning so far.
"Mum, we don't go to school in the night - stop being silly."

Monday morning I was up packing the lunch while the six year old and the 10 month old were still asleep. It is very hard not to wonder, if the baby isn't even up yet - what the hell am I doing up?

The baby is so mad about it she has stopped sleeping altogether. She simply stares at me with red-rimmed eyes as if to say - what's your deal lady and why are you putting me in my pajamas in the middle of the day?

Yesterday we woke up five minutes before we needed to leave for the school bus. I am both proud and ashamed to admit that we caught that bus. You can only imagine how well groomed the six year old was! Two gummies and a granola bar are a nutritional breakfast right?

The husband and I are trying to opt out. We have left most of our clocks on the old time and a few in reality so that we can comply with the little things, like the start of school and work. I think that should work out well.

Just for added fun, I spoke to Grandma yesterday. She lives in the UK and we visiting her soon. I was lamenting the fact that we would just recover from this and then have to deal with jet lag and an eight hour time difference. She gently tells me the clocks will 'spring forward' while we are there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
They aren't doing it at the same time - is it a conspiracy?

I am not amused. A friend of mine summed it up beautifully in her facebook post:
Jessie had trouble explaining why her 6 year-old had to "go to bed in the day" last night. "It has something to do with farmers. Like back in the '50's, honey."


  1. I remember going to school when it was dark as a kid. a sahm to a doesn't make us much difference, I guess.

  2. Going to school in winter in Engerland in the 70's was a chore.
    but - some of my fondest memories are of the dawn breaking while eating porridge in the dark and putting on cloths that had to be left in front of the fire to warm up . . . . before we went out into the black black rain....!

  3. Oh man, I can't believe you are going to hit Spring Forward in the UK too, that's hilarious. Well not really, but POOR YOU!

    I have been getting the girls out to school this week through that old parenting technique - bribery. 3 jellybeans to whoever is dressed first (although they all get 3 but they don't seem to care about this). Anything to get those tired bodies going on a dark morning. I do feel sorry for them it's been a hard, long, dark week.

  4. It has nothing to do with farmers - if you ask the farmers. Daylight Savings may or may not be evil, but it's certainly stupid.


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