Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm finding the world to be very LOUD. Conversations, music in shops and cafes, cars, dogs, just about anything.
It's only been happening for about the last eight months - coincidentally, the age of my baby.
It seems to be a conspiracy of volume. It over-stimulates, startles or wakes my baby everywhere we go.
Can't everyone see my baby with tiny, vulnerable ears?
Isn't the stroller quite obvious. Shouldn't it cue the entire rest of the world to quiet down?
Perhaps I'm being unreasonable.
But seriously, when my baby is sleeping peacefully on our walk, DO NOT stick your head right in the stroller and boom - "Look at that sweet, sleeping baby."
Try not to activate your car alarm, just as we stroll by.
Consider starting your cell phone call just a few meters past us.
It might prevent mommy meltdown - a condition to be avoided at all costs. Ask any Dad.
You may have wondered why harried looking women with unwashed hair have been scowling at you.
Did they, perchance, have a stroller with them? That little backpack they appear to be accidently wearing on their front - actually carries a pair of tiny ears.
Why don't they sell tiny ear plugs?
Note to self: Contact the patent office - I've just had a brilliant business idea....

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