Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog It!

Anyone who knows me - will tell you that I can get evangelical about things. Especially new things I've discovered.
(Must be the Bible thumping childhood I experienced!)
So it follows that I am now shouting loudly about the joy of blogs.
I will be the first to admit that in the past I have been skeptical about their purpose.
Then I read Mosey Along (forgive us our mutual adoration society.)
My eyes were opened. I have since found too many wonderful blogs to mention. I'll get to adding a list when my baby stops demanding so much attention. Say, 18 years from now.
Whatever your interest, peeve, soap box issue - someone else is writing about it. Marvelous. Instant community.
I also love that the barriers around writing are squeaking open. With all due respect to those who have studied and are slaves to their art, it's nice to be allowed a platform without first having to get a masters degree.
If you've been reading my blog you'll see which category I fall into!
However, my inner hippie has been screaming to get out. Can we comment in a touchy, feely, constructive criticism kind of way?
Can we stop falling into the trap set by the deliberately controversial? Can we all just get along?
We parents are tired, wracked with guilt and angst about every kid related decision. Struggling to keep our 'selves' separate from the great big vacuum that is parenthood. If we know how much thought we put into each choice we make related to our kids - can we assume that other parents did too.
Vote with your keyboard. If you don't like what you read - navigate away.
Still here? Great - let me tell you how I feel about sugar........

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