Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potty Talk.

Well we started two off with a bang!
It all started when the two year strolled passed her sisters bathroom.
Her sister happened to be using the bathroom at that moment.

"ME DO IT!" was how she summoned me.

"Me go potty" she clarified.

I was about to begin explaining that we wouldn't be starting potty training half an hour before bedtime but as she had removed most of her clothes before I got to the fourth word - I decided that I better get the potty.

Ahhh, potty training. Fun for all concerned.
The accidents. The gallons of carpet cleaner. The mad dash to find a bathroom at the most inopportune moments.
I have missed it.

I was under the misconception that the timing of potty training was my decision.
I am the parent after all.
I had forgotten to account for the fact that my second child is just that, a second child.
She's also a Taurus and let's not forget that she's two.

We spent the next hour popping on and off the potty, peering into the potty, peering in the mirror at our nether regions (that was a Royal 'our' - I did not actually participate in the peering) sitting on the potty, moving the potty between rooms and shredding toilet paper.

Despite the multiple declarations to the contrary there was no actual peeing in the potty.
There was however hysteria when I suggested re-diapering and jammies.

After much tantruming I was able to establish that the potty was required in the crib and that diapers would no longer be worn.

Oh good grief.

Once the two year old was finally in bed - diapered and without a potty - thank you very much.
I hid the potty.
I have also issued a family edict that there is to be no use of the toilet in view of the two year old.
That should buy me a few days right?

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  1. You tell us, it's a few days on now.... did it buy you a few days?

    Didn't think so. I have a feeling that kid is going to be reading at three, and ready for college by about 12.


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