Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beauty and The Beast

We went to see Beauty and The Beast on opening night.  Here's why you should see it too.  It's bold, bright and beautiful to watch.  We weren't sure the magic of the movie could be translated to the stage but this production manages to captivate in the same way the big screen version does.  

The Beast is less scary and more comedic than in the film - something that my 8 year old greatly appreciated.  Our favorite - Lumiere, more than lives up to his name by lighting up the stage and he would steal every scene he's in if it wasn't for Chip who is beyond cute and so cleverly presented.  Cogsworth and Mrs Potts more than hold their own though - making the 'Be Our Guest' scene a not to be forgotten moment.  Belle and Gaston are stand outs but we agreed that everyone was excellent in this production - something you don't always get in theater.

My biggest delight was watching my girls who were awed by the show.  They loved every moment and drank it in.  When we talked about it later, they were able to recall so much detail, from the sets to the costumes and especially the music.  A live orchestra is such a rare treat and just so lovely to listen too - it was a highlight for us all.  Family friendly productions are relatively few and far between so I encourage you not to miss this opportunity for a chance to see a Broadway caliber production with your kids.

I would recommend the matinee for any child younger than eight.  The evening show runs until 10pm and is bright and loud but this is definitely a show to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.  It has enough spice for some adult humor moments without being inappropriate and all aspects of this production are appealing - the singing, the dancing and the sets.

If I was to find one point to pick on it would be the ballroom scene, it felt a little rushed and just didn't have the momentum to transport me in the way the film does.  The 8 year old might disagree and her gasp was clearly audible when Belle emerged in a certain yellow ballgown...

Beauty and The Beast plays at The Orpheum Theater in San Francisco thru July 10th

Our attendance was sponsored, the review is my own.

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