Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Review

I am walking back in the land of the living.  My desk looks like a tornado whirled through it.  My to do list needs it's own secretary.  I am behind on so many things that it's tempting to just sweep the whole pile into the trash and pretend they never happened.  My conscience won't let me - so here is my first attempt at catching up.   Reviews!   Here are the first three.  Two books and a toy.

I was interested in the first book because I am entering the world of tweens with my eldest and she is a Waldorf kid so it seemed like it might be a good fit.  It is definitely firmly in the young adult category and not for my tween yet but if your young adult likes mythical realms and is ready to move up into more teen themes this might be the book for you.

This second book is a good old chick lit with a twist.  If you have a beach holiday in your future this is good addition to your suitcase.

Now for the toy.   We opened this on Christmas day, it was a one of those surprise "hit" gifts.  Both the ten year old and the five year old loved it.  They sat for over an hour building a variety of creations from wands, to hats, stars, snowflakes and tree decorations.  The light up part never failed to thrill and I found myself wishing we had more of the pieces, like wheels, to keep the fun going.  It's always great to have a toy you can grow into and add to.  No media tie ins which we liked and will appeal to you if you are interested in the imagination/creativity boosting toys.  This set also encouraged co-operation and sharing.  What's not to love?!

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Review items were provided to me. Opinions are my own.

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