Friday, September 6, 2013


I have stayed home with my children.  I never thought I would but it turned out to be what I wanted.
It was hard. Very hard. Harder than any job I have ever had - and I've had some painfully hard jobs

Yesterday, both my girls went to school full-time, on the same campus.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel.
Turns out I felt a chest bursting bolt of freedom.  After 10 years of always having a sidekick, I can now plan some things solo.

Simply put I feel I got me back.  The individual.  The person formally know as Joy.  I am giddy with possibility.  Six hours of everyday are mine.  I'll still have my to do list - laundry, shopping, tidying, cleaning and work but I won't be doing it with a constant feeling of juggle, of guilt, of compromise.

The freedom is mental not physical.  Perhaps the most important of the two.
I am going to write.  Really write.  I am going to exercise. I am going to serve.  I am going to be me.


  1. Yay! It's exciting to have all kids in read school. Until the homework comes home. Heh.

  2. hallelujah! Let's do some big STUFF.

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  4. great post - like the connection between parents blogging and the shared ideas - just been running a series on my blog titled 'How to raise your young children as world changers' with the idea of getting a bunch of parents i know to share some ideas of creative ideas/practices they do with their children that will help raise them as world changers - don't know if those would be interesting to you or your readers -

    keep on, you are doing some great stuff
    love brett fish


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