Friday, August 2, 2013

Perks Of The Job

I was offered a cell phone case for review.  I get offered a lot of things for review.  Many that I have no use for, some that I think sound poorly conceived or look poorly made. I rarely say yes.  I wasn't going to with the phone case.  I have an iPhone 5.  It's very pretty.  A case would make it bulky and cover it's silvery sleekness.  Then a friend cracked her screen when her phone was in her back pocket.  The replacement screen cost made me think the case was a good idea.

I went to the Speck website to pick one out.  That turned out to be harder than I expected.  They didn't just have the regular cases.  They have fabric cases, hard shell cases, candy shells, pixel skins - who knew?
I chose the SmartFlex Shine for iPhone 5 in Starry-eyed Silver/Berry Black Purple which was billed as "Lustrous, sophisticated and slim-fitting protection for iPhone 5"

Sounds edible but c'mon it's just a cell phone cover.  I might not even use it.  I'm pretty attached to the phone as is.  Then it came.  It too was sleek, like my phone and it was a little sparkly.  I slipped it onto my phone and immediately liked the purple edging. 

Two days later with the phone tucked in my back pocket, I took the kids bowling.  The five year old launched her ball down the wrong lane and I, without thinking, went after it.  As I crashed down onto the super slick floor I clearly remember thinking - there goes my phone.  BUT the Speck case saved it! Not a scratch.

I'm sold.  I am a case convert.  If you are gambling with your screen - check out Speck - they have cases for most smartphones and tablets too.

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