Friday, April 5, 2013


Here's my piece published in the Spring print edition of Mamalode Magazine.

The theme was Space.

I am in the space between. The middle place. Caring for young children and elderly parents. It is a place full of radiant highs and stomach dipping lows.
A place of awe, as I watch my littles achieve new things with wonder and joy. Where it seems I can see the brain synapses firing as something clicks and comes together. A place of endings and decline.

I knew this time would come. I have watched others walk this path full of potholes and surprises. Yet, my breath is taken away. My tears are ever present, just barely concealed, ready to flow at the sight of a delighted face brimming with self pride or at the anxious face of uncertain future.
These are the opposing poles of life - bright, unencumbered optimism and saturated knowing. I occupy the space in-between with a little fear and a lot of hope and gratitude. 


  1. I saw it! I saw it! So awesome.

  2. I am a Mother of two and now a Grandma of three, and I know exactly! how you feel.


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