Sunday, February 3, 2013

Keeping Score

So Kate Winslet lied.  She had a c-section but said she'd had a 'natural' birth.  She says she was embarrassed by not having a 'natural' birth so she lied.

The ever opinionated public had a lot to say.  Naughty Kate for lying.  Her credibility as an actor is compromised.  What else has she lied about?


I am fascinated by this.  The obsession with method of delivery.  It seems so inconsequential.  A baby is grown inside a body for nearly ten months.  It's an arduous task.  Those long months of eating or not eating certain foods.  Months of symptoms that range from the divine to the ridiculous.  Pain, discomfort, stretching, changing.  It is all encompassing, a commitment of unmeasurable proportions.
Yet, it seems that success is measured only by what happens in the last few hours.   Birth mothers are ranked in the public court of righteous indignation by their need for intervention, medication and which part of their body the baby emerges from.  The prior months of intensely careful incubating - irrelevant.

I call bullshit.  I also call nosey parker.   It's nobody's business how another's child came into being.
I think we need credit for the whole race not just crossing the finish line because let's face it you can't have one without the other.  I also thought we had agreed to stop keeping score.  To understand that each mother's journey is her own.

I know that stories like this sell magazines but she just married a guy called Ned RocknRoll. Miles more of entertaining story there - surely?

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