Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle.

I am on vacation.  Not really.  A parent is never on vacation (unless the kids are not there.)  What I mean by that is - I got on a plane and went to a different city to meet family.  I am staying in a very nice rental house and am driving a quite lovely mini van.  It is as vacation as family vacation gets.

The view from the deck of the rental house is an embarrassment of panoramic riches.  Seattle across the Puget Sound with all of it's twinkling, city lights and oh so iconic Space Needle to one side.  A snow covered and majestic Mt. Rainier to the other.  I have shopped in a supermarket that I don't know intimately.  I am cooking on a different stove and serving on earthenware plates I would never choose for myself.  This is vacation.

I'm not really complaining.  There's a hot tub - complete with above mentioned view.  We have eaten out quite a bit.  Every day has been an adventure, filled with treats and delights.  It's just that it doesn't feel like vacation.  I still have an enormous list of daily imperatives.  I am still cooking every day.  I am still doing laundry. I am still going to the market and making sure homework is done.  In addition flights = germs, so the four year old and the husband are sick.  We had to take the four year old to urgent care.  The parent wheel never stops spinning.

I want vacation to mean lazy mornings.  Breakfast at noon.  Lots of books.  I want to spent hours in a museum looking at the things that interest me not looking for the kids play area.  I am well aware this makes me sound spoiled. (I am.)  Some people never get vacation.  Some people long for family vacations.  But this is the life I live - where vacation seems like a dangled carrot.  Where all that is my everyday life just comes with me - no matter how far away I fly. My bed is made and I will lie in it - mostly eternally grateful - but sometimes sleep deprived and with longing.

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  1. I feel this one in my toes. And OH NO, urgent care, that sucks! I hope she's okay now and you are all ready to head home. It was so incredibly awesome to steal you for a couple of short hours.


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