Monday, October 29, 2012


Gary Larson has an anniversary card that I love.  It shows a man looking into a fridge. On every shelf there are rows and rows of butter sticks.  The text shows the man shouting over his shoulder,
"Honey, do we have any butter?"

Man brain is something I have come to accept and even love.  It is a source of much laughter in my home.  I reserve a certain amount of smugness for my superior multi tasking female brain.  I have delighted in the high female to male ratio that we enjoy in this house.  This house will not have to deal with the constant hand holding of man brain.

So, how do we explain this?

Yesterday the four year old lost her mind over her missing 'purple baby.'  Tears were shed at high velocity. She was inconsolable.  In her mind purple baby was lost forever. I enlisted the nine year old to hunt down beloved purple baby.  I will admit we have more than your average number of stuffed toys and dolls and so it's not surprising that purple baby is lost somewhere in the pile. However our home is what realtors describe as cozy so there are only so many places it can be. The girls searched for at least ten minutes.  No baby was found.  The tears got louder.  I put down my laundry, knitting, skillet (OK Facebook) and went to join the hunt.

Here's the bedroom as I found it....

No joke, no exaggeration. This is exactly how I found the room.


  1. So, did you find 'purple baby'?

  2. I am seriously laughing out loud right now. That is just so perfect.

  3. Hahaha! Great stuff! Kid eyes and man eyes are often interchangeable in our house.


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