Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early to Bed and Early to Rise.

I am seriously mad right now. Stark raving, pillow punching mad. Why? you ask. Let me tell you. Three (two?) words.
Day Light Savings. Or as I like to call it Day Light F@*&%$#G Savings. Of course I'd never say that in polite company or in a blog post that my elders read.

I have endured this torture for nine years now. (Prior to kids it just interfered with my weekend long lie which was still annoying but perhaps a little less valid.) I have joked along with the other bleary eyed parents and tried to keep a good attitude because the farmers need the daylight. Turns out this is a complete LIE. I am reliably informed that farmers get up with the sun and work while there is light. They pay no never mind to clocks. I conducted an extensive poll and by that I mean I spoke to two people who farm. Time on a clock face means nothing to them. NOTHING.

So I did what all outraged and well educated people do. I consulted Wikipedia. Wikipedia tells me it actually all got started by a man in New Zealand who likes bugs. No joke. This man found that in the spring when bugs are quite busy with their mating and chrysalising etc he didn't have enough daylight hours after he finished his job to study them so he proposed daylight savings. So just so we are clear. We are now all sleep deprived, tearful and cranky because a man in New Zealand had a hobby. He apparently was backed up in his proposal by a man in England who wanted more golf time after work. Golf and bugs. Now do you see why I am angry?

My three year old is so confused right now it's like we have been on an international flight. I am prepared to deal with this madness if I have in fact woken up in another country but no, still here in sameville. Last night she was awake until 3am. How one hour can cause such chaos is not explained in wikipedia so I can't comment on that.

All I know is that it has to stop. I say we occupy daylight savings. A disgruntled parent is the most assertive force I know. Why are we taking this lying down? Actually why are we taking this kneeling at the side of our children's beds pleading with them to please go to sleep or to please wake up for school? Sure the light in the morning is nice but it will show up all by itself in a week or three anyway.

Let's start a petition. We can place posters at our kids schools - use our blogs to get the word out. Who's with me?
What? Oh you're too tired? Yes, me too - let's start with a nap....

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  1. I am with you on this one! I hate the dark mornings, I am miserable, driving my son to early class and it is dark. I say we move to hawaii. no DST


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