Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Art Attacks.

So here's a thing. The children's art. It's an instant source of delight and pride. An easy way to monitor their developing skills.
It's cute, funny, intriguing - occasionally worrying. I can still remember my delight at the 8 year old's first turkey hand print picture at Thanksgiving. Who can forget when they first draw something that actually looks like something. A face with eyes and a nose in close to the right places. A rainbow.

So what's the thing? What the hell do you do with it all? Let me be clear - that is somewhat of a rhetorical question. If you are the kind of parent who has your kid's art filed into a folder or made into books - feel free to step away from the comment box. We are happy for you, really we are but I'm looking for advise here in the real world.

I keep it all - in a big pile. In my mind I plan that I will reduce the pile in the future. I have tried. I tried with the 8 year old helping me (begin pointing and laughing now.) I thought she would be able to help me choose her favorites but as was likely predictable, we reduced the pile by one scrawny piece of paper.

Next, I undertook the project when she was at school. I made a reasonable throwaway pile. I filled an envelope to send to the Grandparents. Progress. Then I tried to throw out the throwaway pile. Between the table and the trash can I rescued several drawings. Sigh. We have used some for wrapping paper and made cards out of some pieces - I can recycle.
How can I throw it out?? It's her art. Her first gnome or squirrel. It's priceless.
Time helps. I can now throw out 'some' of her first art - eight years down the road. As you may imagine though, eight years of art is a pretty big pile - I may soon be eligible for an episode of Hoarders.

You may remember that I have two children. What about the three year old's art? Well that's easy - she's the second kid.
Don't judge me - it's just easier to be pragmatic and discerning with kid number two. It's the 'firsts' of everything that are the hang up.
Maybe I'll just get a storage unit?


  1. I save every piece after I scan it, label it and....

    Bwhahahahaha. I can't stop laughing at myself. Um...I toss a lot. If something is great I try and save it. Some things end up on the fridge. I do toss "the pile" about once a month. Whatever. I have three kids. They are lucky I remember their names.

  2. My oldest is three and I throw most of it. The good stuff we tape up around our foyer and kitchen = on the cabinets and walls. Stuff from her first year of school - last year - is still up!
    Issa cracked me up!!!

  3. I toss most everything. My kids have a box. When the box overflows I start tossing. It doesn't hurt. I guess I'm not very attached to those kinds of things. I throw away lost teeth and umbilical cords too.

    Basically what Issa said.


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