Monday, January 30, 2012

Listen To Your Mother.

My favorite event at BlogHer this year was the LTYM lounge. People reading their stories - giving their blog posts life.
I'm assuming, since you show up here, you like that too. Listening to my stories, hearing my words.
Well now it's your turn. Everyone has a mother story - whether you have one, are one, miss one, want to be one - there's a story to be told. It can be funny, sad revealing, surprising - anything.

LTYM is happening across the United States this year. If auditioning is something you think you will never do - read this.
I did read at BlogHer and it was exhilarating. I know that I am no shrinking violet but I think there is something about sharing your thoughts, stories, words with an eager audience that is magical.

If auditioning is something you KNOW you will never do - plan to be in the audience. It's the perfect Mother's Day outing.
Bring your mothers, sisters, girlfriends. Open the eyes of your husbands and brothers.

I am going to audition for the San Francisco show - I'd love to see you there.
Audition applications are due soon. Go on - surprise yourself - do it!

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  1. That was such a special night, and you--were HILARIOUS.

    Thanks for helping spread the word, and break a leg at auditions!


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