Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post Halloween.

The five day candy marathon that was Halloween has finally ended. Was it just me or was there a shift from Jnr. hooker to Jnr. horror this year? I did not see many young girls in sexy outfits - for which I am grateful. Is it possible that the tide has turned on that disturbing trend? Let's hope so but I fear it has just been replaced by the fascination with all things terrifying and gory.
The whole horror thing is bizarre to me. Spooky - fine. Ghosts, ghouls and witches - perfect. Scream masks and body suits with blood dripping down them - not so much. We all know that I am a great big girl's blouse and I would prefer it if everyone just choose fairy or bunny outfits but I just don't get a five year old in an outfit from a horror movie.

Then there's the whole issue of manners. Is it really too much for you to say Trick or Treat or Happy Halloween?
I know, I know, these statements mean I have officially entered the realm of old lady. So be it. Say please, say thank you - it's important.

This year I saw a lot more homemade costumes this year and some fabulous creativity. The eight year old went to parties where she bobbed for apples and made mummies out of toilet paper. Good old fashioned family fun. Predictably, I love it.
Children squealing with laughter, playing together, working in teams - it makes my little heart gleeful. I can't help but feel it's what we need. Sweet, simple fun.

The three year old chose full Oscar style. For the few days leading up to Halloween she changed her outfit every, oh, five minutes.
"Mom, I'm not going to be a bee anymore, I'm going to be a fairy."
Hmmm - let's see - I spent four hours sewing yellow ribbon stripes onto black clothes - so, no, I don't think so.
Mysteriously all other dress up disappeared from our home over night. Don't judge me - she had a great costume and got a huge bag of goodies - she was fine.

My parenting job was done, traditions kept, memories made. I just wished I planned a week in Hawaii to recover from it all.

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  1. My seven year old did that. She was a tiger. Her dad picked it up at the very last second. Ha.

    I only have one kid who didn't say Trick Or Treat. I only gave him one candy and gave everyone else with him a handful.


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