Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toddler Tweets.

@playgroup I'm next on the swing y'all.

@pullupprincess Does my bum look big in this?

@grabbyhands Can I have a turn with that?

@delipackinmom Woohoo I have strawberries!

@momoffour Where are you?

@upsincesix If you're quiet you can play all the way through nap time people.

@preK Now I know my ABC's - won't you sing along with me?

@playgroup Seriously, it was my turn.

@workingmom The nanny's on the phone again.

@ERfourtimes Who says two year olds can't climb trees.

@laundrylovingmom Who knew? Blueberries turn your clothes blue - try it!

@grabbyhands Now can I have a turn with it?

@playgroup Quick Caitlyn has Cheesits.

@momoffour The baby is eating sand again.

@playgroup There were no cheesits but in other news - I'm on a swing!

@pullupprincess time for a fresh one friend.

@playgroup Tom has a green booger. It's huge.

@laundrylovingmom last in the puddle is a silly goose.

@upsincesix I don't like coffee but my mom likes coffee. She really likes coffee.

@grabbyhands it's nice to share dude.

@ERfourtimes head first on the slide - weeeeeeeeeee!

@pullupprincess seriously, go ask your mom for a clean pair.

@playgroup Awwww. I have to go. No fair.

@playgroup Same time next week?

Thanks to Alisa for this cute idea.


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