Monday, August 22, 2011

The Great Outdoors.


Communing with nature.
Fresh outdoor air.
Children running carefree in the great outdoors.
Food al fresco.
Roaring campfires.
Toasted marshmallows.
Starlit skies.
Relaxing round the campfire with friends.
Cozy sleeps bundled against the cool nigh time air.



Communing with nature - 75 other families, their RV's, dogs, cigarette smoke and their partying until 3am.

Fresh outdoor air - see above re: cigarettes.

Children running carefree in the great outdoors - falling over, getting stung, falling out, needing a snack, a drink, sunblock, the bathroom, losing their beloved toy, fighting over who's turn it is, needing more food, more drink, more bathroom (repeat ad nauseum.)

Food al fresco - hot dogs and corn on the cob rolling off plates onto the ground, followed by wailing of now foodless child and the hysteria inducing swarm of yellow jackets who come, uninvited, to eat ground picnic.

Roaring campfires - smokey piles of flame resistant wood and the constant call of adults of "Don't play near the fire - it's dangerous."

Toasted marshmallows - ok, this one is mostly just yummy. Until the sugar hits and the kids are completely nutty for 30-40 minutes.

Starlit skies - which I will never see because I never get to sit down and look up for more than three seconds before a kid needs/wants something.

Relaxing round the campfire with friends - collapsing into a camp chair with a glass of wine at 10.30pm for a half hour of adult time before we all fall asleep.

Cozy sleeps bundled against the cool night time air - 4-5 hours of sleep punctuated by partying neighbors, the need for the bathroom and the dawn awakening of over excited kids.

Let the laundry begin.......


  1. Camping for me is a hotel without room service. ;)

    Sounds like you had fun though, which is all that matters.

  2. It's exhausting. Camping as an adult, with friends, no children, wine, and a Benadryl or two to help sleep find me is... okay. I feel like I'm hitting myself in the head with a hammer in the name of *fun* otherwise. Especially with three (four if you count my husband) dirt-loving boys. I fake it once in a while though. Cute post!

  3. I love camping...I tried it with a 1 year old and it just didn't work out so much. Hopefully once the chitlins get older we'll be able to try again!


  4. And even though it is so busy...I still love camping!
    Love Amelie


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