Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Are Me?

Playing hide and seek with a three year old is in turns hilarious and exasperating.

Firstly, the concept of closing your eyes and not peeking while you count is lost on the three year old.
She wants to see where I go - so she can find me - perfectly logical if you're three.
Her only goal is to find me within 2 maybe 3 seconds so we can play it again!

When it's her turn to hide she shouts "Where are me?!" at the top of her lungs before I finish counting.
It's delicious.
I could listen to 'where are me?' a thousand times.

Unless... I have listened to it a thousand times.

I've got ten rounds of hide and seek in me -tops.

So when I run out of enthusiasm, I start to feel that I'm a lame mom.
Who wouldn't want to run around looking for a sweet three year old while she loudly shouts her location?

Parenthood is so tricky. I wanted to stay home but some days I would pay out every last dollar I have to put her in daycare.
I wanted to be there to see her firsts. Know her intimately. Share her experiences.
But some days I would rather clean toilets than spend another moment playing Candyland.

Am I missing a gene?


  1. Yep, the 'Perfect Parent' one, it got lost somewhere back with Adam and Eve. Since then, there have been no perfect parents. We can only give it our best, get back up again when we trip and try to do better next time. Much like all of life, really.

  2. No - I think we ALL feel like this sometimes. Some days are just harder than others. Thank god for friends and blogs. And babysitters!!!

  3. Heck no, I couldn't even last 10 rounds! My 2 are just delicious but I just don't have the patience to play as much as I should/would like to. I'm waiting til they are old enough to play games I like ;P
    P.S. Is that you Dad in the first comment?

  4. Hahaha! Mason loves hide and seek too. Although he climbs in a closet, while I am watching, and then says "Okay, now come find me!"

  5. I know what you mean. You the words straight from mouth. I do work but even so when I am playing with my son at a certain point I have had enough he just wants to keep going.


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