Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Was Your First Crush?

Our first crush. Do we ever fully recover from it?
Isn't there always a little scar, from the breakup, on our otherwise resilient hearts?

Who can forget the all consuming elation of knowing someone likes you?
The thrill of a first kiss. The tingle when your hand is clutched by another.

Parenting requires an oasis every once in a while so,
The Parenting Myth is delighted to give you the chance to relive your first crush.

I am giving away a copy of CRUSH Edited by Andrea N. Richesin.

This delicious collection of 26 stories of the heady fall into first love is bound to bring a smile and maybe a tear to your face.

Leave me a comment encapsulating your first crush into five words or less.
Winner will be by random draw on Tuesday, May 24th and the giveaway is worldwide.

Too intrigued to wait?
Just click below and order your very own copy.


  1. I'm not entering just getting the ball rolling...

    Like a tattoo.

  2. Preteens/nighttime/swimming pool/9 years indelible mark.

  3. As he was Scottish my heart will forever have a Scottish

    (I know I'm way over on words...)

  4. snowstorm, warm mulatto hands stole my heart

  5. Summer camp, first kiss, bliss.

  6. supermarket/brown eyes/search/letter
    (are you curious yet?)


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