Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who's The Boss?

What happens to us when we have kids?

Prior to having children we were intelligent, productive, assertive individuals.
Children it seems have the ability to reduce us to babbling, ineffective, push overs.

On our trip (did I mention we went to Mexico?) I watched what appeared to be competent adults allow their children to control the whole trip. Not me you understand. Other people.

I watched Mom's settle in by the pool with their book. Having sun blocked their kids and set them up with pool toys they were ready for a few minutes to themselves, only to give up the whole plan because the kids instantly decided they would rather be at the beach.
What happened to "Not right now?"

At the (fabulous) entertainment one night I overheard this conversation.

Women to son: "Honey can we take a seat my feet are killing me."

Son: "No."

Women: "Please honey, I sunburned my feet and my shoes really hurt?"

Son: "No I want to stand."

Women: "oh."


You know me a little by now. If you don't - I am not a bystander.
I turned around.

"Take a seat," I said "Can't have a mom with sore feet."

She gratefully (and a little sheepishly) took the seat.

I watched parents let their children dictate the restaurant, the seating plan, the day's schedule.
Sure include them, decide together but should they be running the whole show?
I don't think we'd let adults treat us this way.

I know it can seem easier to keep them happy. Let them have what they want and it will be an easier time for all.
Except maybe the parents.

C'mon parents - we need to reclaim our lives!
Let's stand up for ourselves.

I think we need to get our priorities straight.

My quiet pool side time to enjoy a Margarita is more important than your alleged hunger.

Who's with me?

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