Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star.

I forgot.
I forgot that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you do as a parent comes back to bite you.
Even the good stuff.

The two year old is doing a fabulous job of potty training herself. It's great - I really have had very little to do with it.
She tells me when she needs to go. Often she just takes herself off and goes independently.
She has had ZERO accidents. Bliss.

She only has one requirement. I must visit the potty post use, inspect and then make a fuss of her.
We are talking Mardi Gras level of entertainment.
She wants song, dance and general hoopla. If she knew what fireworks were, I'm sure she'd demand those too.

No problem. I am good at hoopla.
If the kid is willing to toilet train herself I am willing to sing, tap dance and cheer with poms poms.

Here's where the forgetting come in.
Yesterday we were at the store.

"Mama - I need to go."

"Let's go," I say "actually, I need to go too."

So there I am in a very busy and public bathroom and guess who whoops and starts singing the potty song as I, you know, tinkle.

At least two people laugh out loud.
We stayed in that cubicle for ten minutes to ensure a complete turn over of bathroom occupants.

I'm pretty sure my 'tinkle' was the topic of conversation around many dinner tables last night.


  1. Hahaha! Love it!
    Mason will loudly ask me in front of people "mommy did you do a poo?!" Never at home..only in stores.

  2. My kids once went to the bathroom with me in a store and my daughter asked me very loudly if I had blood... Terrible! Love Amelie


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