Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad Yoga.

No wonder we moms have a reputation for confusing a ponytail with a hairstyle.
It's hard to get my teeth cleaned somedays - never mind a shower.
A hairstyle or make up - so unlikely.

After my BlogHer experience I had vowed to reclaim myself.
I promised I would shed my mom uniform of comfortable (read un-ironed) trousers and t-shirts.
That I would get my Susan Boyle brows groomed regularly and get a haircut more than twice a year.

I meant it. I really did.
I even signed up with a yoga studio to reclaim my pre-pregnancy body.

It all went well for a few months. Then the two year old noticed my absences.
I am an advocate for parents insisting on me time.
We get babysitters often. I'm really clear that I am a better mom if I get adult company or activity.

The difference is that going out at night seems OK with the two year old.
Daytime - not so.

She has started to wail at the sight of my yoga mat.
"Bad yoga! Bad yoga Mommy!"

"Don't go momma."
"Don't leave me!"
"I love you mommy -stay with me, I'll give you kisses."
Are just a few of the heart crushing pleas she has made.

No wonder we give in. No wonder we stay home.
Meanwhile our brows go ferrel.
Our thighs widen and our hair looses all semblance of a style.

I have kept up the yoga it's just that I do it yeti style.
There's only so much two year old distress I can cause.


  1. Being a mother of a 1 year old kid now i realize that now difficult it becomes to take care of your own physique when the kid is there. All the time you are busy taking care of your baby.We just forget about ourselves rather i should say one does not have time for ourselves.
    Going out for gyms or say yoga classes is practically not possible once the baby is there you cant leave your child at home alone.
    Seeing my distress and desire to have my pre-pregnancy body back one of my friend told me about this online yoga studio by DIVINE WELLNESS.
    I visited there site and got my sessions booked.Today i am so thank full to the yoga gurus of divine wellness that they helped me in becoming fit again.

  2. Hmmm I just read this post after the one after it. Follow me?! Anyway, I'd have to say that I'd rethink hiring the babysitting for daytime. She'll get used to it. Have the sitter engage her in one of her favorite activities right as youre leaving the house - and just keep the mat and whatever else in your car so she doesn't know what you're doing.

    My daughter WAILED, WAILED every time I left her for ages and ages, but she eventually grew out of it, and has fun with sitters now.

    Also, you could consider a gym with a daycare...we do that, when we're healthy enough.

    And finally, I just bought a Rodney Yee power yoga dvd today and love it!


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