Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do It Anyway.

I read a great line on someone's blog - sadly I wasn't able to find it again to credit her,
but it went something like this...

"We need people to volunteer - they feel too busy. It's true, we are busy. Do it anyway."

Love that. I decided to make it my new mantra.
As I emerge from the cocoon of having an infant, nursing, nap schedules - it's time.

I may have gone too far. I almost killed myself this past weekend.
I organized a benefit garage sale and volunteered as a waitress at a benefit event.
It was a 14 hour day of lugging, hauling and being on my feet.
I could hardly move the next day. Tricky when you have a two and seven year old to look after.

It was worth it. Why?

My girls sold their own toys with a smile on their faces, knowing they were buying a new smile for a child with a cleft palate.
They felt really good about themselves especially when I told them we had raised enough money to buy two surgeries - two smiles!

I really enjoyed my evening - we created a beautiful event and the guests had a really good time.
I did something that wasn't being a mom for a few hours.

It feels good to do good.
It's a feeling I've missed. When I was a kid we helped others a lot.
We drove people to medical appointments. We performed our school play at the local nursing home.
We delivered food boxes to the elderly.
We did sponsored walks and charity bake sales.

I see less and less of those things going on. I see the occasional bake sales but they are often to fund uniforms or sports equipment. Not unworthy causes at all but they lack the greater community spirit that seems to be fast dissolving in our culture and times.

If we don't teach our children the joy of giving back, the importance of helping others - what will happen when they might need help?
If we don't teach them a love of community what kind of society will they live in?
If they don't see the problems of the world as partly their problems - what kind of leaders will they become?

I spend so much time thinking about my parenting and what kind of values I want to teach my children.
I had forgotten that teaching by example is most probably the best kind of teaching there is.


  1. Yep. I need to stop talking about it and just get back to it. (so glad the garage sale went well!)


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