Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Munchies.

So we all know that parenting is hard on your marriage.

It's hard not to feel that that the work load is uneven.
It's hard not to be irritated when your working spouse complains about their difficult meeting when you have yet to eat, shower or pee.

The husband and I weather those issues just like everybody else but really they are not a big deal in our home.
Let me tell you what really makes me crazy.

I do most of the shopping and the cooking. I buy specific foods for snack and lunch packs.
I buy grown up food and kid food. Many items are for us all but snack and lunch pack food is for the kids.
I buy enough snack and lunch pack foods for the school week.

I know that you know where this is going.
The husband eats the kid's foods.

So you're thinking 'just buy extra for him.'
One step ahead of you. Been there, done that.
He eats the last one. Almost without fail. Not only does he eat the last one - he eats it on a Thursday night.

The other day I cooked the last two hot dogs for lunch - the seven year old likes them cold.
I cooked them the night before so I could chop them up and have them ready in the fridge.
The husband walked in the door from work, walked into the kitchen and popped one in his mouth.
He washed it down with the last Baby Bel.

Is it not obvious? We can't be having hot dogs for dinner or there would be more than two in the pan.
If there's one cheese stick and a big wedge of Brie - have the Brie.
Yes you will need to actually slice it and maybe add a cracker - it will be worth it.

IF you just can't help yourself and you eat the last of something, tell me - so I know to replace it.
Better yet stop at the store the next day and replace it your self.
I just took a minute to imagine that little scenario actually happening - I am now giddy.

I have decided to implement a new rule.
Do not eat the last of anything unless it has jalapeno and even then - check with me first.

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  1. Hahaha! So funny! Maybe you should reorganize your shelves and fridge so there are clear ADULT foods and KID foods. I sort of want to do that myself, even though I don't have this issue with my husband. I'm just an organizational freak!


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