Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Play.

The seven year old has always had the acting bug.
So when her teacher announced they were going to do a play she almost combusted.

Her excitement is contagious. We went to the fabric store and picked out fabrics for her costume.
I have been looking for a project for my sewing machine - so I agreed to make her Juniper Fairy costume.
She drew me a design which is far too elaborate but I'm hoping that she will be so excited by the finished product she will forget all about her design. I will aid that process by 'losing' the drawing....

Each day after school she can be found rehearsing (prancing in front of her mirror) within five minutes of getting home.
She is singing at the top of her lungs at every opportunity.

I loved doing plays when I was a kid. My first was Joseph and His Technicolor Dream Coat. The lyrics are ingrained in me. I can still (almost) sing the whole thing through. It's 90 minutes long. I remember the feeling of excitement backstage. The butterflies in my tummy. The pride when the audience applauded.
So naturally, I'm loving the chance to re-visit those glory days with my daughter.

What I don't remember was the hours of work my passion for musicals must have caused my parents.
I have about six hours of work in her costume.
I am helping at the dress rehearsal and all three performances.
I am providing 30 cupcakes for each show and then there's food to make for our post show potluck.

My entire week is consumed with the play. The two year old is along for the ride - whether she likes it or not.
I'm not complaining (really.) it's good fun but this is only her first grade play - what will I need to do when she makes it to Broadway?

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  1. You are super mom and are making the rest of us look bad. And... by the time she gets to Broadway, all you'll have to do is show up in the limo and a new outfit...


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