Monday, May 10, 2010


I have known for a very long time that expectations are dangerous.
Never more so than on Mother's Day.

The media doesn't help.
How may ads did you see in magazines, on TV, in stores - telling you what you wanted for Mother's Day?

Did you find your expectations expanded from little to enormous?
Diamonds, spa's and weekends at four star hotels.
Don't get me wrong - those are all lovely things that I would enjoy (very much) but how realistic are the for the average family budget?
Also why do flowers cost twice as much on Mother's Day?
With our heads filled with media driven expectations there's really only one inevitable outcome - disappointment.

Also, when did Mother's Day become about mothers getting away from their children?
Having some time off or to themselves may be what mommies really want but a weekend at the spa with the girls seems quite a leap.

Isn't the whole point that the kids make you breakfast in bed, no matter how inedible it is.
Aren't we supposed to delight in homemade gifts filled with love and too much glue?

I do think dad's should try to do one thing to spoil mom whether that's with a gift or a break from routine but it shouldn't have to be bank breaking.

Breakfast in bed, a picnic, a bouquet made from tissue paper and pipe cleaners, a hand made card.
These things have been delighting moms for decades.
I think they would continue to delight if we didn't have a Tiffany bracelet being dangled (unrealistically and unattainably) in front of us.

I say let's re-claim Mother's Day for a simple celebration of our love of our family.
Let's have our spa days when we need them and treat ourselves to pretty, sparkly things when the budget allows.

Let's lower the expectations and increase the delight.
Who's with me?

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  1. I'm in 100% agreement. I wrote a couple recent posts about lowering expectations. My last one entitled, "To low expectations..." is after

    Great post though.

    alicia @ a beautiful mess


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