Saturday, April 24, 2010

Has Anybody Seen My Husband?

On one day during our recent vacation the husband over-indulged
on sun, pool-side Margaritas and swimming.

When we got back to our room he needed a nap.
I found him sleeping deeply when I went to get him for dinner.
I decided I would take the girls down to dinner myself.

This is 2010 - I am a forty something educated, western women.
We arrived at the host station.

"Where is your husband?" the host asked.

"Erm - he's in the room - why?"

"Will he be coming down?" she persisted.

"Erm - maybe?" I hedged.

We were shown to our table.
I will give you 100 pesos if you can guess the first question our waiter asked me.

Once we established we girls would be eating alone, I assumed the subject would be dropped.
Then I ordered a cocktail.
Apparently in Mexico a women 'alone' with her children should not order cocktails.

My fiercely independent self got irritated so I slugged my cocktail and ordered another.
Just for fun I asked for the wine list.
Eyebrows were raised.

If you know me you will know that by now I am enjoying myself immensely. (Aside from the cocktails.)
I am letting the children misbehave just to watch the wait staff get together and mutter.
Just as I was considering my third cocktail the husband appeared.

The look on the staffs faces can only be described as relieved.
What exactly were they thinking?

Did they think I had done him harm?
Was my reputation in jeopardy?
I felt like I was in a Jane Austin novel.

With my husband safely at my side the waiter offered me another drink.
When in Rome.......

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  1. A Mexican vacation sounds fun. Even with the pointing and laughing. Margaritas make all that stuff funny anyway:). Came by from SITS to say hi!


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