Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog Mash Up!

Today I am taking part in the Blog It Forward Mash Up organized by SFGirlByBay
The theme is inspiration.
You can check out what other bloggers do to find inspiration by visiting SFGirlByBay and clicking on the Blog It Forward button (stay awhile and look around at the gorgeous SFGirlByBay site first.)
Yesterday The Fairly Constant Reader revealed her inspirations with photos.

It all got me thinking - what does inspire me?
Well the Husband, the Seven year old and the Baby do. Sometimes they inspire me to do some less than motherly things but mostly I find their sweet faces, infectious giggles and endless optimism an inspiration to live life joyfully.

Then there is Scotland. A breathtaking land of ancient history and dramatic scenery.
I never feel more at home than when my feet are on Scottish soil.
When I can't actually be there - a photo can transport me.

I am, of course, inspired by some fellow bloggers.

Take a peek at:

A Cup of Tea and a Good Book
Poppies and Milk

to see where I visit when I want a good read or a pretty picture.

What inspires you?


  1. lovely thoughts, joy. you are definitely surrounded by love, and lots of laughter. thanks for joining in! :) xo

  2. Amazing photos of Scotland! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Wonderful! What's more inspiring than the ones we love, right? I couldn't agree with you more. Scotland is a place I dream of someday visiting...I do have a bit of scottish blood running through my veins...:)

    Thank you for sharing...xo

  4. Great photos, good idea, and wonderful blog.

  5. Well aren't you the sweetest. Once I've emerged from the fog of jetlag I will check out this blog it forward dohickey.


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