Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life Goes On.

I am feeling better. In a full time mom kind of way.
You know - I don't feel really, really awful.

I can breath again. I am not coughing every five minutes and my throat no longer throbs.

What did you miss?

Well the staples came out of the six year olds head. Not as horrific an experience as it sounds.
Although the last little sucker put up a fight which nearly sent me to the bathroom.

Then the baby pulled her usual trick.
She is taking this business of doing everything her sister does - too far.

Yesterday was a school holiday. The six year old had a play date.
So we four girls were having a lovely day in the Northern Californian sunshine.
We went to the park and then because it really was warm - we went to get ice cream.

Those sweet moments when the kids are delighted to get a treat is so lovely to watch.
I felt relaxed and happy for the first time in weeks.

Then we went outside. For no apparent reason the baby fell over - using her face as the brakes.
Her teeth went through her top lip. She took the skin off her nose and chin.
There was a lot of blood.
I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs.

The six year olds are very concerned. I need to be calm. Get first aid for the baby and make a decision about the need for an ER trip.

It's moments like these that make me realize just how strong a mother needs to be.
I really want to just sit down on the sidewalk and cry. I want to shout help and let complete strangers take control of the situation. I want a hug from my mother.

Instead, I run with girls in tow, to the nearest store and get ice. Actually it took three stores to find ice.
I calm the six year olds down while icing the grossly swollen lip.
The bleeding slows.
I decide that even although it looks very bad - I am going to trust in the incredible healing prowess of children and skip the ER.

After a liquid dinner. The baby seems fine.
I swallow my fears that she will never look the same again.

If it's true bad things come in threes - then we are done.

I'm looking forward to the calm.

In other news - I wanted to update you on recent posts.
Little Joel passed away - thank you for your prayers. His family are deeply appreciative.
The circle of life continues - my friends, who's adoption quest I featured here last month, were matched and now have
a beautiful baby boy to complete their family.

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  1. Yikes about your little one! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...


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