Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keeping Up With The Vonns.

Ski Week. Sounds great - I have a vision of soft, fluffy powder.
The thrill of the downhill after the calm of the lift.
An afternoon of sledding, a snowman, hot chocolate.

There's one problem - we're not going to the snow.
I had been feeling fine about this.
We have other plans and ski-ing with a baby is not ideal.

Then the six year old comes home with the question.
"Why aren't we going ski-ing, I'm the only kid in my class not going?"
(Not fact - but in her mind it is.)

It's easy to explain - and the six year old is satisfied.
I mention her comment while chatting with moms at pick up.
Big mistake.

"Your kid has never been ski-ing?"
"You're leaving it too late."
(Just a reminder - she's SIX.)

I ask why they think that.
Apparently, she'll need to be in ski school with three year olds.
She'll be so far behind her friends - she'll never catch up.
The list of reasons goes on.

I find my heart racing a little bit. Are they right?
Am I holding my daughter back?
Will she be at a disadvantage?

I want you to hear that horrible screeching sound of a needle being torn off a record.
That's the sound of my common sense returning. She's six. (Did I mention that?)
What about all the other things we haven't tried yet? If we apply the same principal my child is going to be unable to play any sports, dance, play music....

I learned to ski age 21. It was hard and I wish I'd started younger but I think we have a few years.
Peer pressure - wow. I knew she would experience it - I didn't think I would.


  1. Well at least now she is safe from Vonn/Mancuso type feuds, the allure of the party world ala Bode Miller, and the dreaded Sports Illustrated curse. Whew...thank goodness for that!

    Thanks for making me smile!

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  2. Aww, poor thing. Peer pressure is terrible, at six! Visited from SITS, loved the post.


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