Friday, January 29, 2010

All The World's A Stage.

Let me state for the record. I LOVE SHOW AND TELL!
Here's why.
I grew up in Scotland. We didn't have it.
I watched American TV shows in awe and wonder.
Between Show and Tell and Lockers - I wanted, so badly, to go to school in the States.

It is no surprise then, that the six year old also LOVES Show and Tell.
It is possible that I have talked it up so I can live vicariously through her.
It's also possible that she is a born actress and Show and Tell is her first stage.

It's actually informal in her classroom. It is done at lunchtime and you can bring something everyday or never - it's up to the child.
Guess who wants to do it everyday?

So we already know that I like the idea, It's sweet that she has my Show and Tell bug but every morning. It's no small feat. We have to find something different, five days a week.
That's at least twenty objects a month.
We usually have to find this object between 7.28 and 7.30am as the threat of the school bus leaving without us weighs heavily on me.

Next comes the 'appropriate' conversation. Taking a cuddly toy almost as big as she is - not practical - but how many six year olds do you know who even know the meaning of the word?
Something fragile - not practical.
Family heirloom - not practical.
I could go on.

I am fairly certain we have had several encore presentations but no-one seems to care.
She has taken a rock, a dead bug, every stuffed toy she owns (that fits in her backpack), photos, food, clothes, her favorite toy, her smallest toy, books, candles and a lump of Playdoh ("It's special to me mama.")
I think if she could get her bedroom furniture past me - she would take it too.

Her never ending enthusiasm is infectious. I find myself eyeing objects and suggesting them as candidates.
As she boarded the bus this morning with her stuffed snake worn as a scarf - I can picture her standing in front of her class telling her snake story.
I can't help but feel a little bit of my own childhood dream came true.


  1. I love her enthusiasm! We should all be so lucky to have show and tell each day!

  2. i love show and tell. my daughter has one about once a quarter.

    and i'm sure i enjoy the whole concept more than she does.

    visiting from sits!


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