Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ultimate Gift.

Becoming a parent is something that when you want it - is all consuming.
For some it comes easily, for others it's a journey.

My dear friends Michael and Mo are on that journey.
They are hoping to add a child to their family through open adoption.

My own struggles with fertility make me want to do what I can to support their journey.
They were an integral part of my village when the (now) six year old was born. They stepped in for our families abroad. They were the first people to babysit for us when we crawled back into the real world when the six year old was six weeks old.

If you know someone who may be considering placing their child for adoption, please offer them this information:

Email: MichaelandMo@gmail.com
Toll Free #: 1.877.742.7314
Website: MichaelandMo.com

Or they can be contacted through this agency:
Independent Adoption Center.
1.800.877.OPEN (6736)

Obviously, I'm biased but any baby would be blessed to join this family.

Thank you!

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  1. such a sweet and meaningful post, i enjoed reading your profile as well. as a mother of two girls, i can relate.


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