Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time...

Ah - the post Christmas melt down.
We experienced it in it's full glory yesterday.

I knew it would come. I hoped it would come on a day the husband was home.
My kids had other plans.
We waved him off to work. They had me fooled. They remained cheerful and co-operative for more than two hours.

The weather was in on it. It was wet and cold. We couldn't play outside on the new scooters. I decided we would go to the library - always a hit - then go for hot chocolate, an obvious home run.

I failed to factor in wardrobe selections. This is when the full on melt happened.
It involved the full floor throw down, thrashing arms and legs (With the quick sideways are you watching check.) I expected this from the baby but this was the six year old.

The tantrum lasted over one hour. ONE HOUR. The baby joined in after about twenty minutes. She really does have to do everything her sister does.

I pulled out every parenting skill (trick) I know.
Cuddles, sympathy, ignoring, joining in, humor, consequences.
It was all pointless - she just needed to get it out.
She needed to get it out in the house, in the car, at the library.

It was exhausting but I made it through.
We came home - I made comfort food for dinner and after a bath and story time -
I got them both to bed.

I deserve overtime for today. I deserve a medal.
I will settle for a hot cup of tea and a foot rub.


  1. Oh that sounds horrible. Why do they always hold it in until daddy is out of sight or at work? My husband rarely gets to see the whole shebang I endure on a daily basis. And then he comes home some nights and says 'what's for dinner?' The nerve... ;o)

    My best, Lynn
    *swing on by, I'm throwing a mega giveaway bash!

  2. The day Dad goes back to is always tantrum day! I hope you got your foot rub!

  3. I got a kit filled with foot care stuff in my stocking - I'm sending them to you virtually ;)

  4. Wow I remember when I was a kid and I would do those things. I am glad that is a some what normal thing.

  5. Ugh!!! Talk about is some day you had on your hands! So sorry you were so stressed - I hope you got your foot rub in the end!


  6. sounds like a certain 7 year old this afternoon... they must be on the same wavelength...

  7. I feel like I want to throw that same tantrum right now!! But I wont.


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