Monday, November 2, 2009

Treat, Treat Treat.

Halloween provides fantastic people watching. You can learn a lot about your fellow parents.
There are the parents who are willing to dress up, those who will join in with a token gesture - say a witches hat or some devil horns and those who resolutely refuse.

The refusers tend to stand together discussing sports. The token gestures explain themselves by detailing how busy they have been and the dressed ups wonder if they look silly.
If only we had our childrens lack of self consciousness. They all seem delighted with their costumes no matter how simple or elaborate. If they compare it is with pride and compliments not derision.

While I did feel a little silly, I can highly recommend being Glinda for Halloween. It is impossible to be anything other than happy while wearing a pink glittery dress, a blonde wig and a crown.
In addition the Six year old was so in awe of the wonder of mummy as "a beautiful, pink witch" she did everything I asked of her all day.
The baby had no comment, but she didn't seem in the least bit fazed by the wig.

Assembled as the Cuddly (we took some poetic license there) Lion, Dorothy, Scarecrow and Glinda, if I do say so myself, we looked fantastic. I couldn't believe the Baby would actually wear her costume but she not only did - she shouted "RRRRargh" at regular intervals.

Trick or treating was the usual frenzy. Super excited kids darting from house to house. Parents desperately trying to keep track whilst constantly saying "Did you say Thanks?", "Don't eat too much candy.", "Stay where we can see you."

We went to an incredible neighborhood where most houses had circular drives and each household went all out. My favorite was a Day of The Dead themed house. The candy was in a 12 foot skull, they had a Mariachi band and memorial tables for MJ and Farrah.
It was like a mini carnival.

The Six year old concluded her evening by counting and sorting her haul at the end of her bed. The Baby had been satisfied with one lollypop. Dorothy and the Lion were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting their pillows.
Leaving Glinda and The Scarecrow to Treat themselves to a well deserved glass of wine and a few 'borrowed' selections from the Six year olds bag...


  1. How adorable your family looks! I agree, your lion definitely looks cuddly!


  2. What a cute family costume theme! You all look great!

  3. You all look awesome! And I was nodding in agreement the whole time about the going ons of Halloween night.

    I was a token dresser with cat ears and a tail and my husband goes all out every year dressed as 'FatBat' :)


  4. Best picture of you four EVER. Rrrraargh!

  5. What a fantastic idea for the family costumes.
    They look very authentic. The most important thing is that you had fun as a family.
    Great idea and I love your post.

  6. Ah, Halloween. Good for so many things.

    You all look so cute!

  7. Whoa! Don't ever do that to me again! Candy corn at the beginning of the post. I began drooling on my keyboard. Your family looked adorable. Sounds like a great time!

  8. you guys look fabulous! :)


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