Thursday, October 29, 2009

Naughty, Nice or just Nasty?

I'm a little disturbed. Why has Halloween become synonymous with sex and horror?
What happened to bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins? (Get this, when I was a kid we carved turnips - if you've never had that experience - imagine digging through rock with a spoon, it took hours.) Costumes involved throwing an old bed sheet over your head, cutting two little eye holes and calling yourself a ghost.

I'm sure most people are still carving pumpkins but instead of two triangles for eyes and a big toothy grin - now I see pumpkins vomiting brains or acting as the head of Jason from Nightmare on Elm Street. I find it scary - never mind the kids.

So with that in mind, when I wanted to get a wig for my costume, I went to the Halloween Store alone. What a smart decision that was. The Halloween store was horrifying. Really. It was just filled with horror. Eight foot statues with bloody weapons and fanged teeth, dry ice and scary music.
There should be a warning on the door. Horror movies have an 'R' rating for a reason. The parents who had brought their kids there was hastily trying to make their purchases and get out of there.

Now I know the theory is, that at Halloween, it's fun to be scared. What happened to spooky? What happened to a ghost jumping out and shouting BOO! Why do we need blood, guts and menacing monster figures with weapons?

Are we trying to regress our kids? Are we trying to ensure that psychotherapists have a secure future?

I made my way to the kids costume section to check out accessories for our Wizard of Oz theme. Front and center is a super cute Dorothy dress - I pull it out and see that it is tiny. I check the label it's a 2T - 4T. My kid is six so I go hunting for the dress in her size. I pull it out. It's different. Really different.
It can only be described as sexy Dorothy. Right there on the label it says 6-8 years.
It has a frilly cleavage - how many 6-8 years old do you know with a cleavage?
What's wrong with that picture?
EVERYTHING - that's what wrong.

These are little kids. Teens and adults - go for it - scare yourselves silly.
Be flirtatious and sexy if you want but leave THE KIDS out of it.
Let them dress up as cute little bugs, animals or simple witches and ghosts. Let their pumpkins be sweet or silly. Let them be kids.
Their time will come - this isn't it.

This Happy Halloween message was brought to you by prudish, big girl's blouse kind of mom.


  1. Exactly! I don't understand it. I'd like to keep my little girls little for as long as possible. Especially with all the perverts out there.

  2. I totally agree! My girls all are wearing tutu's this part of their costume. None of it is scary, sex, or yuck. All very cute!

  3. you are so right. Let them be kids!

  4. I couldn't agree more with you!!

  5. Oh I KNOW!!! We finally did a homemade costume for my tween. All of the costumes out there are so slutty!!!!

  6. I agree. And it is the same with movies too. My family watched Transformers last week. I left. My husband asked about it later...I said, "All I saw and heard was sex, foul language and excessive violence." Not my idea of a good movie.

  7. i have recently had a baby girl and up until her birth wouldnt have given this a second thought but now the thought of her wearing anything remotley sexy when she is 18, or even 40 scares the life out of me never mind when she os only 6,7,8!!!
    Definatley no slutty outfits here thank you!

  8. I totally agree with you. I hate how they have made Halloween into something that it isn't and how they make "sexy" costumes for little kids.

  9. My girls are going as ballerinas this year. Mostly because I bribed them with a home made tutu. I agree with your assessment of the costumes. My recent experience has been you either go slutty or expensive (usually branded Characters). At least I haven't found an expensive slutty outfit yet - sick & wrong.

  10. It has gotten a little disappointing. I remember we made our costumes out of what we had in the house when I was growing up.

  11. when i was a kid, the scariest thing we had to contend with was the old hysteria of razor blades in apples. kids dressed up as butterflies and gumby. what is wrong with this world?

  12. I totally agree. And try buying an adult ladies costume which doesn't look like something out of "Girls Gone Wild." Crazy!

  13. Oh NO! My daughter is 4 so her costumes are still innocent looking. You're telling me in 2 short years I will be dealing with the sexy costume nonsense already?! Eek!

  14. I completely agree with you! NO NEED for KIDS to be SEXY. So wrong!!!

    I don't like the blood, guts and gore either. Halloween is my least favorite holiday, for sure!

    {Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!!}

  15. You are absolutely right!I am still not sure why adult Halloween costumes need to be sexy.It's Halloween not a romantic getaway!My husband and I will stick to Pooh and Tigger... very sexy!! Or maybe we'll step it up a notch and go as the clowns!Happy and Safe Halloween to all!!

  16. Girl, you are preaching to the choir!!!

    I had such a hard time finding an appropriate costume for a ONE YEAR OLD that I had to get something custom made.

    And finding a costume for me? Oh puh-leeze. Unless I wanted to be a sexy police officer/nurse/soldier/librarian/________, there was nothing in my size!

  17. ROTFL! I remember carving a bleedin' turnip too! Your description was spot on. And of course, we 'dooked' for apples or dropped a fork in. Never id see the point of that one.

    The sexy costumes are ridiculous; some adult ones too!

  18. The slutty costumes are definitely way over the top. I saw an 8 year old today in one of those fishnet devil costumes today and wondered if her mother knew how she was dressed.

    However, I do enjoy the (modified) scary aspect of Halloween. Sweetpea wanted to be a skeleton this year and is fascinated by the ghouls and scary clowns in the stores. Go figure.


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