Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Minnie and Me.

I have a(nother) confession. I put my baby in closets. It is something that I do with some guilt but only some.

Perhaps I should explain. When we go on vacation the baby usually sleeps in our room. So that everyone can get a little more sleep, if the closet is big enough, that's where the travel crib goes. Sometimes the closets are little more than built in wardrobes - we do leave the doors open (mostly.)

I have definitely felt this is something I should keep to myself. I was sure I was the only mother in the world that would do this. Then I watched Minnie Driver on Regis & Kelly. Is the fact that I watch Regis & Kelly another confession? Just for the record - baby is napping when I have the TV on. (In her crib - not the closet.)

Minnie Driver proudly talked about how her one year old son Henry goes everywhere with her. She then explained that wherever she stays she doesn't get suites she puts her son in the closet.
I feel absolved.
If she does it then surely others do to. Maybe it's not such poor mothering after all.
Maybe I'll confess all my parenting secrets and see just how partners in crime I have.
I can feel The Husband cringing.

Speaking of confessions. Several of you have told me that you are working on a guest post. Tick tock people....


  1. I don't understand the conflict - sounds like a no brainer!

  2. Been there, done long as there is good air circulation, I feel it's just fine!

  3. Love this post, it made me smile. :-)


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