Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water Wings.

It's hot. Very hot. The kids are leaving a trail of clothing everywhere they go.
The baby likes to strip then get really frustrated trying to put it all back on. Inevitably, I re-dress her only to find her naked again five minutes later.

The six year old has a slightly different take on it. She tries every possible combination within her closet to find the prettiest, cool outfit. It usually involves wings.....

Our favorite cool down activity is water play. Who doesn't love water play? A mom working on her laptop - that's who. I can't get the six year old to understand that there are times I need to remain dry. For the record - I spent several hours yesterday filling and throwing water balloons and filling and firing squirt bottles. I just also needed to pay bills and do some work.

"Put your swimsuit on mom!"
How to explain why I will not be running around our driveway in my swimsuit?
"Mom needs to stay dressed in case........there's an earthquake?"

Also, why is it that when I spend a very long time filling water balloons the preferred way to play with them is to make a tiny little hole in them and drink them?
We have cups, they are easy to fill and don't involve a knot.
It's possible that I am a little too left brained for parenting.


  1. LOL. That sounds about right.

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

  2. I think it's the same kind of reasoning that goes on in a 2-year old's brain when they find it much more fun to pee standing up in the bathtub than sitting on the toilet. Makes no sense to us logical, mature grown-ups, but perfect sense to them...

  3. Uh oh - is it wrong to pee standing up in the bathtub???

  4. this is funny! like the earthquake comment!


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