Thursday, August 27, 2009

Camp Tales - Part Two.

Have you noticed that no matter where you go camping or how well the campsite is managed there are five things you can always find on the ground?

1. The little plastic clip that closes bread bags.
2. Used bandaids.
3. Hair ties.
4. Beer bottle tops.
5. Juice box straw wrappers.

Our last night of camping we were ready for calm and sleep. Everyone else seemed to feel the same way. The kids went down two hours earlier and seemed grateful to go.
The husband and I gave them an hour to fall deeply asleep then decided to turn in ourselves.
Just as I was about to turn the lamp out - I spotted a spider. Not huge but not one I was willing to share my tent with. I tried to encourage him out. He didn't oblige and instead got into my bed.

I'm not particularly freaked out by bugs. I've slept on the ground in the Australian Outback where the critters have intentions. However, when it comes to my babies I am more cautious.

So, I went on Safari. The spider was fast - I just couldn't grab him.
"Pass me a shoe." I said to The Husband.

"How big is it?" said he.

"What? Pass me a shoe!"

"Where did it go?"

It's here - get me a shoe!"

"I'll get it - where is it."

"It's going to get away - GET ME A SHOE!"

OK, so at this point I may have raised my voice and woken the children. Ooops.



"Stop shouting at me."


Do you hear the whistling as a shoe flies past my ear?
I 'caught' the spider and tossed it out the tent.

We re-settled the children. I listened to The husband grumbling about 2,000 years of evolution and male response - then we finally slept.

Aaah - the great outdoors.

Part three will run along the lines of just how amazing it is that so much of the great outdoors manages to come indoors with us after camping.

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