Friday, July 3, 2009

Food tales.

I was thinking about keeping a food diary for the baby. I have mommy brain and when I try to think about what she has eaten I can't remember. I am preparing my defense for her weigh in next week. I tried for a couple of days but it's not as easy as it sounds.

For example, if you give the baby a croissant - how do you add up the total amount of flakes on her highchair? It's quite a pile - maybe as much as half a croissant.
She also really enjoys to smear. If there are cheese smears on the wall, table and highchair has she really eaten a whole slice?
Then there's the snack pouch. This is the supply of food I assume she is storing for later. Perhaps she is part squirrel? I usually find a decent serving of mac'n'cheese, black beans or bread inside her onesie at diaper change time.
I would also need to wring out her clothes to calculate the actual amount of milk or yogurt consumed. We can't also forget the food mashed into the highchair straps, her clothes, my clothes and hair and the large amount spread around her face and hands.
Just as well we don't have a dog - although it would probably cut my clean up time in half.

The five day high fever she just endured took a heavy toll on her weight so I'm seriously struggling up hill on this one. Yesterday, three separate people commented to me that they couldn't believe my little baby could walk and/or talk. She's fourteen months. After my first reveal of her real age and the shocked look that followed I just said "I know, she very advanced!" and moved on quickly.

Do you think the Doc would notice if I just borrow a chubby baby and take her to the weigh in? I think that just might work. Anyone have a 20lb fourteen month old they want to lend me? I'll return her in very good condition....

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