Friday, May 15, 2009

You Can't Win Them All.

When I became a parent I thought a lot about my own childhood. What I liked and would repeat with my child and what I would do differently. The husband and I both had strong memories of being disappointed by Santa. We had lots of great memories of Santa but as is always the way, some bad ones stuck out. What we remembered was being asked to write a letter to Santa saying what we wanted. The problem was that Santa didn't always bring what we asked for.

So in true parent style we vowed to do it differently. We go to meticulous effort each year to ensure that Santa brings EXACTLY what was requested. So, it's about now that you are wondering why on earth I am talking about Santa in May.
Well, I'll tell you. Yesterday the six year old came to find me with a very serious look on her face.
"Mummy, this year I'm going to tell Santa he can choose a present for me."
"Why sweetie?"
"Well it's not so much fun when you know exactly what he's bringing."

Imagine a big penny dropping. Actually, imagine it slapping me across the face.
Whatever you try and fix from your childhood has no relevance to your child.
I knew this. I still had to learn it.

After delivering that perfect mommy ego shattering blow she jumped onto her bike and cycled off. Which would just seem like normal six year old behavior only she has never ridden her bike without training wheels before and has been refusing to even get on her bike since we took them off.
It was a big day.


  1. Late but never forgotten! Have a great weekend my fellow sitstahs!

    Camp Sock Monkey


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