Monday, May 11, 2009

Enough with The Boobs Already.

Why does anyone care what I do with my boobs related to my baby?
Why does any other opinion (aside from The Husbands - maybe) matter?

My boobs. My baby. Clear cut.
I get asked all the time - "Are you nursing?"
I don't get asked "Are you changing her diapers?"
"Do you bath your baby? Read to her? Cut her toe nails?"
All important things no?

What's the obsession with the boob? We can assume I am feeding the baby.
Although not enough if the weight percentile chart is to be believed.
While I'm on it, what is a percentile?
Can we have a new scale? One that's a little more jolly and less clinical.
How about peanut, rounded and chubby.
I'd much rather describe the one year old as a peanut than 5th percentile.

Also, who is it that really objects to breast feeding in public?
We don't seem to mind the boob on TV, the cover of magazines or spilling out of a bikini at the beach. Why is it objectionable at the mall or in a restaurant? Everyone else is eating - why shouldn't baby?

We need a new topic. To breast feed or not is SO overdone.
Something more current and relevant.
How about "Is your baby on Facebook yet?"
"Has he/she Twittered?"
I don't forsee any controversy there at all......

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