Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drop Drama.

I'm back on the roller coaster. The six year old has pink eye. The one year old in true sibling solidarity decided sleep was over-rated last night.
So, just in case you haven't caught up with me yet - that means applying eye drops while groggy and cranky. An entirely un-ideal scenario.

I don't know if you have had the eye drop experience but in our house it's high drama.
I have tried everything - bribery (if you just lie still and open your eyes I'll get you an ice cream), lies (it feels tickly - it's fun!), threats (if you don't lie still there's no story tonight) and pleading (please sweetie please just let mummy do it.)

That's a sad sack of parenting tricks. It gets worse. Most likely the pink eye is allergy related therefore not infectious. Eye drops are probably not needed at all.
Here's the thing. (There is always a 'thing' in parenting.) To see if it's bacterial we would need to take a test which would take 1-2 days. If it turned out to be bug related then we would start the drops. 24 hours later she would no longer be contagious. Guess where I'm going with this. Three days off school. If we just start the drops as soon as her eyes look pinkish - we miss one day of school. The six year old was back on the bus at 7.30 am this morning after one day at home.

Did I win Parent of the Year Award?


  1. Exactly what I would do! Once I get that prescription in hand, I rush to the pharmacy and I'm putting in eyedrops in the car. Check my watch "Let's see,10:43 am tomorrow and you'll be ready to go out the door."

    (A little eye drop trick I read about: have them lie down with their eyes closed. Put a drop in the inside corner of their eye. When they open up. It rolls on it. I don't know how effective this is but it makes for a lot less tears!)

  2. In your house maybe - that's the technique we use.
    I think I just have a drama queen. Can't think where she gets it from?!

  3. OMG all 3 of my kids had pink eye last week. What an F'ing nightmare I agree! My 6 year old was good, my 4 year old not so good, and my 1 year old impossible to get the drops into their eyes. If it were me....I would give you "Mom of the Year!". :)


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