Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Short Cuts

It's hot. Really hot. It makes me want to move slowly and we all seem a little cranky.
It might be because the heat (like every other damn thing) interrupts the baby's sleep.
We have lost our twelve hour sleep pattern already. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted.

At first I thought I was going to write guiltily about the short cuts I have been taking in the heat but I have decided instead to celebrate them. Maybe you'll want to use them too. Maybe they'll catch on and be the new 'it thing' in parenting. Maybe.

The eleven month old has decided that she only wants solid foods now. I was unprepared. I have jars and jars of baby food but when she started re-decorating with it I took it as a sign that she's done. So, I ventured into the cupboard to see what we had.
Now if the husband was writing this he'd now tell you that come the earthquake we will eat comfortably for a year on the contents of our cupboards. We will also be able to feed the neighbors and the local scout troop.
In my over heated state - I saw nothing viable.

I did eventually find a box of Macaroni. Excellent - babies love Mac 'n' Cheese. Small problem cheese sauce involves effort.
So, I cooked the macaroni and melted a square of cheese on it. That counts right? It's good solid nutrition if you squint your eyes and pretend.

The baby LOVED it - so there. She loved it so much she wore it and ate it. By this point she was very hot and bothered so I ran her a bath. We 'bath' in the kitchen sink. I realized half way through the bath that she hadn't had her apple sauce.
Well we weren't going to make a mess of squeaky clean baby were we and since the kitchen sink is next to the fridge and the spoons - we had apple sauce in the bath.
Brilliant. I recommend it. The mess is instantly cleaned up and you can achieve dinner and bath in half the time.
We might have all our meals this way.......


  1. But did you serve this with Juicy Juice Brain Development Juice as your beverage of choice?? :D thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Does beer in the shower count? I always figure it a time saving novelty. Sometimes the porridge make it in there too, but only in emergencies.

  3. I LOVE it when the comments make me laugh - thanks guys!
    Hubby 2 - beer in the shower is required in this house so no - I'm afraid it doesn't count...


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