Friday, March 27, 2009

Momma, We Are Sooo in London.

We made it! The wonderful people at Virgin Atlantic gave us an upgrade. I will be eternally grateful. The fifty or so business men in our cabin are probably writing their complaint letters as we speak.

Upgrade or no, ten hours in a tin can at 35,000 feet is not my favorite experience. For a start, changing a diaper in a two foot square box they laughingly refer to as a bathroom is a feat of gymnastics I'm not built for.
Then trying to get an intrigued ten month old to sleep in a vinyl box, poetically named a 'skycot' is something we have yet to master.

The perky staff and their cocktail cart made it all a little easier to manage and the personal entertainment system ensured we did not hear from the six year old until the wheels touched down.

London. Bloody marvelous. Pubs, fish and chips and the worlds best chocolate. (I know that generally the credit for that goes to Switzerland - but I beg to differ.)
At least I think that's what London is about. Personally I'm so bleary eyed from lack of sleep - I could be in my Texas and I wouldn't know the difference.
Babies, as it turns out, don't deal well with jetlag.

The ten month old and I have not slept for more than two consecutive hours in six days. On the upside, we do know each other much better now. The downside is we're thinking of a trial seperation. I really think there should be Baby Ambien.

The smiles between child and grandparents make it all worthwhile though. It's a wonderful thing to watch your kids being spoiled rotten by Grandma, the six year old can't believe her luck. I can see her looking at me expecting me to stop the candy avalanche at any moment but fatigue makes you lazy, so she's safe for now.

We're off to Scotland next - I wonder if a Haggis avalance will be as appealing?

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  1. So glad to hear you got there safely and well done Virgin for coming through with the upgrade. Now I'm missing fish and chips and all things English, I'm definitely working up enough homesickness to think about a visit, but I have to get really homesick before flying with 3 :)

    I hear you on the jet-lag, usually it takes a week before my girls are back on track and then another week back in the US. I am sure your friends and family appreciate the efforts you are making. Well done you for keeping the momentum going on showing the girls their English heritage. Enjoy the rest of your trip. And, Easter, what a perfect time for all that Cadburys loveliness ... mmm ! I'm eagerly waiting for my parents to arrive on Thursday, hopefully with a suitcase full of the aforementioned best chocolate in the world.


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