Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ten Reasons to LOVE Being a Parent

As we celebrate love today, I thought of the things that keep me going as a parent.
It's easy (for me) to focus on what is difficult/exhausting/frustrating about parenting. So for today at least, I will focus on the 'Golden Moments' that make it all worthwhile.

1. Blowing raspberries on the silkiest tummy skin.

2. Holding a tiny hand in yours.

3. A gummy smile in your direction.

4. Any art made by your child.

5. Creating a shampoo mohawk.

6. Sharing an ice-cream or a cookie. Even better if you made the cookie together.

7. Splashing in puddles or the sparkly blue ocean.

8. An unsolicited "I love you."

9. The sound of your child's laughter.

10. Snuggling up on a rainy day to read a book.

Take some time this day to make your own love list.

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