Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten Questions.

The mind of a five year old is an amazing thing.
It can cause exhaustion but never seems to get tired itself.
It can astound, confuse and amuse all within one minute.
It sometimes seems to belong to a 40 year old.
It can masquerade as a scientist, biologist, humanist or clown.
It is a thing of wonder.

Here are ten questions from the mind of my five year old that I never imagined I would have to hear or answer:

1. How are babies made?

2. What happens when you put a penny up your nose?

3. Can you help me wipe?

4. Can I eat my booger?

5. What is God?

6. Why don't we live near our family?

7. Why do teeth fall out?

8. Do my toys come alive when I leave the room?

9. How much ice cream can you eat before you'll get sick?

10. How much do you love me?

Interestingly, she seems to do a lot of her thinking in the car.
I have found myself driving towards a hedge, more than once, as I burst out laughing or struggle to answer a sincere but silly question.
The responsibility of helping to form a little mind is terrifying.
My irreverent British humor is always the first thing to pop into my head.
Is Monty Python an acceptable parenting model?

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  1. Answers to the quiz below:-
    1-Slowly with slight discomfort.
    2-Everyone laughs at you.
    3-not right now, I'm paying at the checkout
    4-Yes. Yes you can. Should you? I don't know.
    5-Whatever you want her to be.
    6-Why don't they live near us?
    7-see #2
    8-Of course they do.
    9-Lets find out....
    10-This Much (spread arms wide and stretch and grimace a lot)


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