Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mom's Rock!

Today I juggled the 10 month old and the Five year old through various activities.
It started with the 7.30am (!) school bus run.
The baby usually stays home for this but Daddy had to go to work early.

It ended with me trying to look after myself with a trip to the chiropractor.
(Child birth and breast feeding are the biggest insult to the human skeleton I have experienced and I have been less than kind to my body over the years.)
I was feeling very proud of myself for coping with my day so well.

Then we went to the market.

There she was - Mom of the Year - casually filling her cart.

It was one of those carts with the toy car on the front.
In the cart were two kids under five.
In the kid seat of the cart was a baby, maybe 14 months old, fast asleep.
SuperMom was using one arm as a cushion for baby's head.
With the other one arm she was pushing and filling her cart.
This was impressive enough but then I saw her in the parking lot.
Cart full of bags, toddlers still in toy car and baby asleep on her shoulder.
She hadn't even asked for help out AND she was smiling.

It just got me thinking about mom's. How they juggle so many things every day.
How they try very hard to do it with a smile.
I know Dad's do too but for today I just want to acknowledge amazing mom's everywhere.

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  1. Okay, part of me is saying "you go girl" to that mother (if I happened to say such things), and part of me takes it as a personal affront on my feeble parenting of ONE child.

    Or am I being overly sensitive?

    Moms rock.


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